Basic HIPAA and Healthcare Security Awareness

HIPAA requires covered entities and business associates to train their workforce on the concepts and obligations that must be met to protect patient privacy. The security rule also requires conducting security awareness training in addition to HIPAA concepts.  That is why the Kardon HIPAA training bundle includes those general HIPAA privacy and security concepts along with specific healthcare security awareness topics.

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Below is an example course outline.* 


  • What is HIPAA?
  • Why do we need HIPAA?
  • Why do I care about HIPAA?
  • 5 HIPAA Rules
  • 5 HIPAA Definitions
  • 5 HIPAA Scenarios

Healthcare Security Awareness

  • Top 5 Cyber Threats Against Healthcare Overview
  • Phishing in healthcare
  • Ransomware in healthcare
  • Lost or stolen devices in healthcare
  • Insider data loss in healthcare
  • Connected devices used in healthcare
  • Healthcare 5 Threats Summary

* Course content is updated